The Scales Center: This starts playback from the song list, displays the correct scale to the song. All scales in the CAGED system with 5 patterns and a zoom view. With full control via foot pedal ...
Scales Trainer

A Scales Trainer should help you play Scales to your favorites songs with the following features:

  • The scales should be displayed while playing, so it needs a music audio player
  • New songs should be analyzed because I'm not able hear the key of a song
  • The scales should then be displayed individually in large size and as an overview, matching the selected song
  • Overview and single view of scale patterns should be switched by foot pedal
  • Perfect if some effects and transpose / speed features are available.
5 Pattern Scales
CAGED System


14 Jam Tracks
16 free usable playlists

Jam Tracks

7 Effects
All parameters adjustable


3 Pageturner
Bluetooth Pedals


Effect Section

The effects can be adjusted in most importent parameters

Signal original and reverb, simulated room size, stereo width, damping and pre-delay
Mix ratio of original and delay, delay repetition depending on BPM and the delay time
A simple 3-band equalizer with adjustable treble, mid and low
Set the playback speed without changing the pitch from 0.4 to 1.6
The filter unit builds a notch filter that filters a frequency band. Therefore with frequency setting and the octave width of the filter
Transpose in semitone steps up to an octave up or down
Again, there are mix ratio original and flanger. In addition, the flanger cycle depending on the BPM and effect depth could be set

Scales Display in 3 Versions

Direct Start...
You can start right away with the 14 loop jam tracks in different styles
All jam tracks have an info about the key, the beats per minute and the chords used.
The matching chords for the scale can be found in the left menu, where we have created a library for all suitable chords, each with 6 versions of the chords displayed as fingering chart.