Who needs BlueScalesTrainer

The BlueScalesTrainer was created by good motivation targets for 2019. Not loosing weight this year, but finally know where notes are on which fretboard position on my guitar to play solos.

Like everywhere, this require a lot of practice and I start direct in the AppStore looking for suitable apps. Although there is a lot dealing with Scales, it is either too much, visually too small and often not helpful for practicing. But that is the advantage as a musician and programmer, you simply program it as it is needed. Here are the key points I wanted to reach:

  • The scales should be displayed while playing, so it needs a music audio player
  • New songs should be analyzed because I'm not able hear the key of a song
  • The scales should then be displayed individually in large size and as an overview, matching the selected song
  • Overview and single view of scale patterns should be switched by foot pedal

Thanks to my app BlueJamPlayer I already had the basis for the audio player, song analysis and control via foot pedal. I also took over the effect section, so that you can use the 7 audio effects in the BlueScalesTrainer as well.

And since I don't want to learn exotic Scales or become a full-time Scales Guru, I only implemented the main Scales Major, Minor, both Pentatonic and Blues Scales. To make it easier finding matching chords, there is an info line and also a chord list with chord images in 6 versions.

We packed all of that into our compact BlueScalesTrainer. If you like to know which Bluetooth PageTurner pedals will work, there are suggestions in the Bluetooth setup.