Feature Overview

We have listed all features of BlueScalesTrainer on this page

The main Scales are included: Major, Minor, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor, Blues Major and Blues Minor
In total 360 scales for your training target to master your guitar solos
Per scale type each of the 12 keys and their 5 patterns according to the CAGED system could be selected
Scale view in 3 modes: Pattern single, Summary and Zoom view
Switchable display of the notes or note position in the scale
The player can also be controlled via Bluetooth from PagerTurner foot pedals
Alternative scale views can be switched via foot pedal
The pitch can be adjusted without changing the speed
Also the speed is adjustable without changing the pitch
Free configurable effects (reverb, delay, flanger, equalizer, filter) to improve the sound
All songs in your iTunes library can be used
Songs are analyzed for the key, so that the matching scale will be selected automatically
The BPM will also be analyzed and effects Delay/Flanger will be set to this BPM
In order to sort your session better, there is a playlist management with 16 playlists
Especially for practicing difficult passages, the A->B Play mode is optimal
For the direct start 14 loop songs of different styles already available
Backup and restore for all playlists including copying to Dropbox and iCloud