Effect Board

You can activate the 7 effects via the right menu. All effects can be active at the same time and the parameters of the effects can be found as collected settings for all effects in the left menu. There is also a setting for the volume of the left and right channel.


The Transpose function could also be activated in the right menu and the value for the effects are in the left menu. Via pitch shift you can adjust the root note in semitone steps up to an octave higher or lower. The playback speed is not changed, but the algorithm is designed for fast realtime computation and low quality, so the sound quality decreases with higher values. Activate this in the right menu and set the value in the left menu within effect settings.


To reduce the speed to practise difficult solos without changing the pitch, you can adjust the speed with the speed setting to the factor 0.4 to 1.6. Again, you have the original quality at factor 1 and this decreases at higher values.

Effect Parameter

transpose Transpose in semitone steps up to an octave up or down
speed Set the playback speed without changing the pitch from 0.4 to 1.6
reverb Signal original and reverb, simulated room size, stereo width, damping and pre-delay
delay Mix ratio of original and delay, delay repetition depending on BPM and the delay time
equalizer A simple 3-band equalizer with adjustable treble, mid and low
flanger Again, there are mix ratio original and flanger. In addition, the flanger cycle depending on the BPM and effect depth could be set
filter The filter unit builds a notch filter that filters a frequency band. Therefore with frequency setting and the octave width of the filter
volume Adjustable volume for the right and left channel. This value is also used by the mute buttons